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San Juan Chickens CD Single

San Juan Chickens - Two-Song Single

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Track List:

  1. Good Morning San Juan MP3Good Morning San Juan          Download full song, free!          Read story Read story
    Words by Tim and Frances, music by Tim. San Juan Singers in alphabetical order: Sylvia Gonzalez, Jan Luby, Krystal and Lupita Ortiz, Isabella Rose Perry, Graciela Serna, Frances and Tim Tompkins, Danny and Luis Valdez. Piano, guitarron, cello, drums, primitive flute, whistling: Tim.  Violin: Frances. Bells at old Mission San Juan Bautista rung by Melecio Piñeda.
  2. San Juan Chickens MP3San Juan Chickens         Read story Read story
    Written by Frances. Featuring Babatunde Lea on drums. Piano: Frances. Bass: Nick Cudahy. Arranged by Frances and Babatunde. Chickens recorded by Tim and Frances in San Juan Bautista, California.

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