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Good Morning San Juan, Album Cover

Good Morning San Juan

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Track List:

  1. Good Morning San Juan MP3Good Morning San Juan          Download full song, free!          Read story Read story
    Words by Tim and Frances, music by Tim. San Juan Singers in alphabetical order: Sylvia Gonzalez, Jan Luby, Krystal and Lupita Ortiz, Isabella Rose Perry, Graciela Serna, Frances and Tim Tompkins, Danny and Luis Valdez. Piano, guitarron, cello, drums, primitive flute, whistling: Tim.  Violin: Frances. Bells at old Mission San Juan Bautista rung by Melecio Piñeda.
  2. Into The Dream MP3Into The Dream          
    Words and music by Frances. Piano, violin, voice: Frances.  Guitar, male voice, arrangement assistance: Danny Valdez. Cello: Tim.  Drums: Babatunde Lea.  Percussion: Michaele Goerlitz.
  3. Moon Song MP3Moon Song          Read story Read story
    Written by Tim.  Guitar, recorders: Tim.  Violin: Frances.
  4. Silicon Man MP3Silicon Man          Read story Read story
    Words and music by Tim. Singers: Tim and Frances.  Dialog: Tim, Frances, Paris Lahman.  Piano: Denny Berthiaume. Bass: Nelson Braxton.  Drums: Jason Lewis.  Guitar: Scott Sorkin.  Harmonica: Tim.
  5. Bartok: 3Duos + Drums MP3Bartok: Dances          Read story Read story
    Written by Béla Bartók based on Hungarian and Romanian folk melodies. Violin: Frances.  Cello: Tim.  Drums: Chris Miller.
  6. Walking The Railroad MP3Walking The Railroad          Read story Read story
    Words and music by Tim. Voice: Jason McGriff.  Acoustic guitars: Tim.  Electric guitars: Scott Sorkin.  Bass: Nelson Braxton. Drums: Chris Miller.  Vocal coyotes: Danny Valdez.  Real coyotes: Tim recorded in The Badlands. Vocal coaching: Nate Pruitt, Danny Valdez.  Vocal production team: Tim, Frances, Danny Valdez.
  7. Angelo's Song MP3Angelo's Song          
    Piano: written and played by Frances.  Cello: written and played by Tim.
  8. Old Pal MP3Old Pal          Read story Read story
    Words by Jim Tompkins (Tim's dad), music by Tim.  Voice and guitar: Tim.
  9. Honeysuckle Rose MP3Honeysuckle Rose          
    Words by Andy Razaf, music by Thomas (Fats) Waller.  Voice and violin: Frances.  Voice and guitar: Tim.
  10. Sadie MP3Sadie          Read story Read story
    Words by Tim and Frances, music by Tim.  Voices: Tim and Jan Luby.  Violin: Frances.  Guitar, guitarron, clarinet: Tim.

Copyright © 2008 by The Gallopaway Music Company: Tim & Frances Tompkins. All rights reserved.

Produced, mastered and mostly engineered by Tim and Frances Tompkins.  Recorded at The GallopAway Music Company studio in San Juan Bautista, CA, and at The Open Path Music studio in San Jose, CA, USA. Thanks to Scott Sorkin (Open Path) for great engineering and production assistance on tracks 2, 4, 5, 6.