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San Juan Chickens, album cover

San Juan Chickens

Restless Tunes / Twisted Tales / Bewitching Lovesongs / Lyrical Jazz
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Track List:

  1. Buzzards MP3Buzzards         Read story Read story 
    Words and music by Tim, except belly dance instrumental section by Frances. Performed by Tim, except Frances's violin and belly dance section piano.
  2. San Juan Chickens MP3San Juan Chickens         Read story Read story
    Written by Frances. Featuring Babatunde Lea on drums. Piano: Frances. Bass: Nick Cudahy. Arranged by Frances and Babatunde. Chickens recorded by Tim and Frances in San Juan Bautista, California.
  3. Only The Dream MP3Only The Dream         Read story Read story
    Music and English words: Frances. Featuring Danny Valdez: voice, guitar and Spanish words. Violin: Frances. Drums: Babatunde Lea. Piano and Guitarron: Tim. Arranged by Frances and Danny.
  4. Seattle Rainbow MP3Seattle Rainbow         Read story Read story
    Written by Tim with intro arrangement by Frances. Frances: piano, Tim: cello. Ocean recorded by Tim at Moss Landing, California. Dedicated to Dee Dee Rainbow at whose Seattle home the piece was born (1973). Thanks to Karen Andrei for coaching on the composition, not just the performance.
  5. Woman On The Moon MP3Woman On The Moon         Read story Read story
    Words and music by Tim; lyric assistance by Frances. Voice: Jan Luby. Soprano sax: Brent Jensen. Bell, bowl, and cymbal roll: James Zitro. All other instruments: Tim.
  6. Restless Toes MP3Restless Toes        Download full song, free!          Read story Read story
    Words and music by Tim; lyric assistance by Frances and Jan Luby. Jan and Tim: voice. Tim: cello, guitar and bass. Frances: violin. James Zitro: drums and percussion. Dedicated to Suzanne who remember that night in England (1975) and to Gabriel who doesn't. ;-)
  7. When A Bird Takes Root          
    Song by Jan Luby. Guitar: Jan. Strings arranged and performed and instrumental mix by Tim and Frances. Hear jan's arrangement with voice on her CD Tough Like A Weed. Used under license from Lubetta Music.
  8. The Commuter MP3The Commuter         Read story Read story
    Words and music by Tim. Performed by Tim, except trombone by Carl Azevedo.
  9. First Kiss          
    Words and music by Tim; lyric assistance by Frances. Performed by Tim, except Frances spoken voice. Dedicated to Frances with whom that first kiss was shared.
  10. The Devil Is A Woman MP3The Devil Is A Woman         Read story Read story
    Words by Frances, music by Frances and Tim. Frances: lead voice and piano. Tim: chorus vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica, and maraca. Joe Brigandi: drums and Martin guitar case.

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