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Links to Friends and Fellow Artists...

El Teatro Campesino El Teatro Campesino
Luis Valdez' thrilling and durable theater, our main venue for live performance since 1998.

Motema MusicMotema Music
Record Company for our friend Babatunde Lea, an amazing percussionist who has played with us on the songs "San Juan Chickens" and "Only the Dream."

Jan LubyJan Luby
Music from the absolutely tatooless woman...

Madlantern ArtsMadlantern Arts
Designing webs, clipart and more... from the roots up!

Open Path MusicOpen Path Music
Open Path supports artistic freedom and discovery through the creation of distinctive sound imagery.

1970's Providence band member links - Northwest USA...

(Andy, Jim and Tim were band members of Providence in the 1970's.)

Andy GuzieAndy Guzie
Andy currently performs and records contemporary and jazz solo guitar pieces in the Portland, Oregon area.

Jim CockeyJim Cockey
Jim writes symphonies and is the founder of Papa Mouse Publishing and Recording.